The Lead Star Network is an employer-sponsored program dedicated to helping high-performing women and their organizations flourish.



Calling all female superstars

The Lead Star Network is an employer-sponsored leadership development program designed especially for women like you: the shooting stars who go the extra mile, dream big and have even bigger ambitions. The ones who have that extra-special spark and are ready to take their careers, the companies they work for, and their teams, to even greater heights.


Designed by two accomplished New York Times best-selling authors and entrepreneurs, Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch know a thing or two about leading. From rising through the ranks in the US Marine Corps to working in sales, business, and even at the C-level, their coaching programs have helped all types of organizations thrive -- from startups to Fortune 500 companies. They've worked with managers on up to CEOs and now they're channeling their 15 years of helping organizations achieve greater success by working with high-potential women and the organizations that support them. 

Flexible enough to fit into your schedule

 We know firsthand balancing work and personal life isn't easy. That’s why every aspect of the Network was designed with that in mind. Personal coaching and virtual learning happen on-demand, and the annual 2-day retreat is offered multiple times per year, so no need to stress about fitting it into your schedule.


The $8500 annual membership includes:



This is where the magic happens.  You’ll schedule coaching time with Angie or Courtney when it’s most valuable to you. Your time is premium. Your coach gets to know you well, and each coaching call builds on your relationship so you can quickly leverage their expertise.



The icing on the cake. The leadership forum allows you to interact with your cohort and meet Courtney and Angie face-to-face at premium resorts in Scottsdale, AZ or the DC area. All your employer needs to cover is airfare.



Angie and Courtney curate content and produce learning experiences that are in sync with your needs.  This leads to highly relevant, efficient learning that addresses topics and pain points uncovered throughout the program.

We help you grow as a leader

Everyday we coach women all over the world on a variety of topics -- from how to lead and inspire teams to practicing essentialism and how to build influence when you lack authority. The important thing to remember is none of our coaching sessions or leadership programs are the same.


Ultimately, we work with you to pave your individual path to success. 

Join us, you're in good company


 Connect with a grad school quality network of outstanding professional women to build supportive and inspiring relationships that will last a lifetime.

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