How much does the membership cost?

The annual membership fee is covered by the employer and costs $8500 for each woman who joins the Network. This includes year-long personalized leadership coaching, remote learning modules tailor-made for the members as well as a 2-day leadership retreat in Scottsdale, AZ or the DC area. The only fee not included is the airfare to the retreat.  

Is this a year-long membership only?

Yes, the membership is one year and if you choose you can renew the following year and/or nominate a successor. Active participants can remain Network members for multiple years, strengthening meaningful peer relationships and further leveraging the value and continuity of their personal advisement sessions.

What results can I expect from the coaching?

The Lead Star Network is designed to achieve results for the Member and a significant ROI for the sponsoring employer.  Members discuss real-world challenges and opportunities during their coaching sessions to formulate practical strategies for success. It is not uncommon for the value of solutions, suggested courses of action, and matters resolved during coaching sessions to provides a significant monetary value to the participant and the employer sponsor via the identification of new revenue streams, cost savings or efficiency solutions. Intangible benefits of increased confidence, satisfaction, fulfillment and success are also abundant. The holistic nature of Network Membership often provides clarity, guidance, connection and support that reduces stress and helps Members find the pathway to honor their commitments to wellness.

Can I still access coaching after the year ends?

While most clients stay in touch with Angie and Courtney long after their coaching programs end, access to coaching ends when your membership concludes.

What happens at a typical leadership forum?

The annual leadership forum is a 2-day retreat that is Member driven, meaning topics are timely and customized for the cohort attending. You’ll receive practical leadership guidance and discover proven strategies for resolving the challenges you face and to support you in capitalizing on present opportunities.  You’ll also share thoughts to support the growth of your peer participants. Each retreat offers significant learning and the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and strategically envision what next level success looks like for you, and the path you’ll take to realize it.  

What is your process for accepting women to the network? Can I be declined for any reason? 

The Lead Star Network exists to support high-performing women leaders. Employers sponsor their best and brightest to participate. Our process for accepting members is straightforward: a prospective member indicates she’s interested in signing up, we work to answer any questions she has helping her to assess fit. Our goal is to enroll talented, motivated professionals who we know can achieve meaningful results through the program. The only time we’d decline a prospective member is if we felt her employer would not experience significant ROI from her participation. 

Can I request to be in the same cohort as a friend or colleague joining from another company? 

All members are engaged in the same Network, yet they can join at different times and chose when they will attend Forum, or participate in coaching and learning based on their personal schedules. You are welcome to sync your participation with friends or colleagues from other organizations. 

How many 1:1 sessions will I receive with Angie and Courtney? Do I receive coaching from both?

There's no limit to how many coaching sessions you’ll receive during your membership year.  Each participant has different needs, goals and time commitments. You schedule coaching at times that work well for you. And, while you’ll have a primary coach, you are welcome to schedule coaching sessions with Angie or Courtney as valuable to you.

Do you offer group discounts?

Due to the limited nature of spaces available in the Network, and the value of the highly custom leadership learning experience, discounts are not offered.

Do you allow more than 3 women per company?

Our goal is that the Network provides each Member with the opportunity to build a diverse, high quality networking experience. To ensure that a variety of leaders have the opportunity to participate from a variety of industries, verticals and organizations, we limited participation to three women per sponsoring organization, per year.  

Why is the Network only open to women?

We are passionate about creating leadership development opportunities for women and are committed to helping leaders achieve results. After 15 years of success as leadership development consultants, we've found that women-only development experiences deliver positive outcomes for the participants.

Do you offer this workshop to larger teams if we want to participate together?

Lead Star, the consulting firm founded by Angie and Courtney, offers leadership development experiences for teams and organizations of all sizes. The Network is designed to be a personal leadership development experience for individuals seeking to accelerate their growth and capability to achieve results that matter to them. 

Can I sign up if I’m an independent contractor or work for myself?

Yes. Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and independent contractors are welcome to participate in the Network.  While most Members are from corporations, nonprofits and academic institutions, those working for themselves bring diversity and value to the Network.  

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