Your path to amazing

Getting started

Here's what happens when you join. We'll send you a questionnaire, designed to be a thought starter on possible goals for your membership. We'll ask about your coaching preferences  and a bit about your personality. From there, you’ll be assigned to a primary coach (either Angie or Courtney) and then voila, easy as 1-2-3.

The magic


Your first coaching sessions will set the foundation for what you'll get out of the program. We'll focus on your experiences, current challenges and opportunities for success. This doesn't have to be exclusive to work. We know matters outside work are opportunities for growth as a leader so we like to take a holistic approach to coaching.

Connect & learn

Throughout the program, your coach will share content and access to learning events relevant to you.   They’ll also connect you with other Members to round out your network in even more valuable ways. After you’ve completed your first quarter, it'll be time to sign up to attend the 2-day leadership retreat (included in your membership) on the dates that work best for you. 

Taking action

The best part about the program is applying what you've learned and seeing results.  By connecting with your coach consistently, you’ll understand why and how you’re progressing and get advice when you get stuck. Near the end of your first year, you’ll have the opportunity to renew your membership or recommend another, talented woman leader to take your spot within the Network.

Lovers of empty, lifeless 100-slide PowerPoint training need not apply — we embrace and value energetic, interactive learning experiences. We’ll provide you with highly relevant content, on-demand learning opportunities and a dynamic leadership retreat.  We want you to feel excited and engaged throughout your leadership development journey. We work hard to ensure that while you're learning, you're also having fun.

Coaching opportunities

No two Lead Star Network experiences are the same. Your coaching program is all about you. Your challenges, your relationships, your goals, and the results you’d like to achieve.

​Leaders aren’t born, they are made. You elevate your leadership capability by exploring best practices and applying them to real world circumstances.  Being a leader doesn't necessarily have to mean being a manager, either. It comes in many forms.

​Based on our 15+ years of experience, here are some topics that often come up in coaching:

  • Designing a strategy for your career advancement

  • Developing a pathway to greater results for the teams, projects and initiatives you lead

  • Giving and receiving feedback (both positive and negative)

  • Building influence when you lack authority

  • How to navigate complex cultures and handle difficult personalities

  • Creative ways to approach routine aspects of your work

  • How to develop, coach and inspire others

  • Finding healthy ways to process stress

  • Heightened support for first time managers, or those making a leap towards significantly greater leadership responsibility then they’ve had before

  • Practicing essentialism and effective time management

  • Valuing and building self-awareness to accelerate growth

  • Improving work/life integration

  • Applying leadership principles to roles of responsibility beyond work

​The Lead Star Network is ideal for helping with any of the above and more. Your coaching sessions are a safe place to discuss any of your individual challenges. Angie and Courtney are here to help you at every step of the way.