With only 29% of senior management roles held by women,  there's never been a better time to invest in an employer-sponsored women's leadership program. 


Elevated Business Results

 Personal leadership development and growth has ripple effects inside businesses. Happier employees deliver better results.

Increased Engagement

A little support can go a long way. The more engaged women are, the more likely they are to meet or exceed the goals established for themselves and their teams.

Better Retention

 The cost of replacing an employee can range from one-half to two times the employee's annual salary. Keeping high performers is critical for morale and ROI. 

Diversity and Inclusion

A tangible commitment to women leaders is something to be proud of.  We're big proponents of leading by example.



This is where the magic happens.  Members schedule coaching time with Angie or Courtney when it’s most valuable to them. Their coach gets to know them well, and each coaching call builds on their relationship so they can quickly leverage their expertise.



The icing on the cake. The leadership forum allows members to interact with their cohort and meet Courtney and Angie face-to-face at premium resorts in Scottsdale, AZ or the DC area. All your company need to cover outside the membership is airfare.



Angie and Courtney curate content and produce learning experiences that are in sync with your employees' needs.  This leads to highly relevant, efficient learning that addresses topics and pain points uncovered throughout the program.

"This is the most satisfying learning experience.  I’ve had more ‘a-ha' moments than I can count."

Monica Awadalla, Attorney

"I've never experienced a coaching program like this. I'm so grateful for your guidance and I continue to learn so much from you both. I can't thank you enough."

Laurie Heller, VP Marketing

"Thank you so much for the guidance and deep understanding the coaching program provides.  I love that I got what I was looking for plus so much more than I knew was possible."

Amy Hiltzik, Director

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